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SIGMA Corporation proudly announces the arrival of our SIGMAFlange™ Universal Model SFUP in sizes 14-24″. All SIGMA warehouse are now fully stocked with the SFUP in sizes 3-24″, which are available for immediate shipment. Larger sizes, 30-36″, are coming soon.

For more information about this and other SIGMA Pipe Restraint Products, please contact smd@sigmaco.com or 609-668-1053.

SIGMA Introduces New Valve Box Riser with Set Screws

Valve Box Riser with Set Screws – Meets Colorado’s High Spec Class 35B Standard

SIGMA has introduced a new Valve Box Riser with Set Screws to its Municipal Construction Castings (MCC) product line. The new Class 35B Grey Iron Valve Box Riser comes with set screws in place and ready to install in seconds.  The inclusion of the set screws ensures that the riser can easily be dropped in place and tightly secured when an existing valve box riser needs to be replaced. This feature is particularly useful when resurfacing roads, sidewalks or other surfaces and a change in elevation is required.

For further information including pricing for the New Riser with Set Screws, please contact your local SIGMA sales representative.



SIGMA Raven Non-Stacking Meter Box

SIGMA is fully stocked with our RMB-NSW (Non-Stacking) Meter Boxes series, all of which are domestically manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Alabama and Idaho.

The Meter Boxes are offered in a range of sizes and colors, and meet or exceed all industry requirements. Custom features and specifications are available on request. 

Stuart Box, Director of Engineering, comments: "There was significant customer demand for a Non-Stacking Meter Box, which delivers more inside work area (ISW) and a vertical load rating of 20,000 pounds. In response to this, SIGMA created the RMB-NSW range of Meter Boxes using our finite element CAD processes, and it has successfully filled that need in the marketplace."

For more information on this and other HDPE products, please visit http://www.sigmaco.com/product/sigma-raven-hdpe-product-catalog/ or contact hdpesolutions@sigmaco.com.

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